Get Your Favourite Seat and Get Ready for Our Virtual Demo Day!

2 min readFeb 7, 2019


This February 12th & 13th, we’re hosting our first ever virtual demo day and the reasons pretty simple.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing teams thanks to amazing program leaders in Canada, the US and Europe and we feel that if our teams are disrupting global problems then surely they deserve a global audience!

The virtual demo day gives investors, accelerators, & potential partners access to pitches by Startup Boost’s Fall alumni, 25 tech startups from Detroit, Dublin, Los Angeles, and New York. Attendee’s register in advance here (go on) and then get admittance via email to the 48 hour virtual event opening February 12th. Once at the virtual demo day attendee’s can view taster pitches, full demo day pitches and even request to be contacted with the teams they wish to know more about. It’s that easy! Imagine, no more will you need to concern yourself with that uncomfortable chair that always is the bane of your back posture at demo days, instead find your comfiest couch, standing table or seating device of your choice and meet our alumni!

Startup Boost, now in its second year, has helped to pre-accelerate over 80 companies from six locations around the world. The program is unique in that it doesn’t take equity or a fee from their startups. Thanks to phenomenal community leaders organisers in each city top entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors come together to volunteer their time to work with these promising startups who stood out from a pool of over 1500 applicants to gain acceptance into Startup Boost.

For the upcoming virtual demo day, investors, accelerators and corporate businesses will be able to watch 25 pre-seed tech startups pitching ideas in areas including health, fintech, AI, e-commerce and more. To get started simply click here to register in advance.

For those wishing to apply to a program, applications just opened at Pittsburgh is officially launching their first program, which will join Los Angeles, NYC, and Toronto as programs running this Spring. Other programs running this Fall 2019 are in Dublin, Detroit, Chicago, Austin, and other yet to be announced locations.

“The benefit of Startup Boost is that it brings a program to help pre-seed investment teams make the next big step in an under-supported stage to prepare them for accelerators, investment and most importantly revenue generation,” says Gene Murphy a founding member of Startup Boost.

Pre-registration is now open here for those wishing to access the Startup Boost Virtual Demo Day online this February 12–13, 2019.

As always if you want to know more about Startup Boost, would like to know about setting up a chapter in your city or would like to talk about sponsorship plans please click here.




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