• Gene Murphy

    Gene Murphy

    I ❤️ Startups! Organise @dublinbeta @drinkaboutdub @swdub @startupnextirl Cofounder @startupireland & I'm E.I.R. at Bank Of Ireland Tweets RTs favs are all mine

  • Repact Africa

    Repact Africa

    Repact works on building vibrant social innovation-driven solutions that address human development to achieve Sustainable Development in Africa.

  • Grant Carlile

    Grant Carlile

    #startups #running #robotics | Founder of Run for Phil https://www.runforphil.org @RunforPhil #runforphil Thriving on curiosity, coffee, & office supplies

  • richiegraham08


  • oluwatobioloye


  • Juarez Junior

    Juarez Junior

    Azure Developer Relations Lead @ Microsoft. Invite me to speak about #Blockchain #IoT #AI #Java #Python #EmergingTechnologies #DevRel 🥑

  • Enzo Notaristefano

    Enzo Notaristefano

    Innovator, Marketing and Open innovation Strategist, Startup Weekend Facilitator, Startup Mentor

  • Mitko Ivanov

    Mitko Ivanov

    Growth hacking, content marketing and entrepreneurship.

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